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What is BPM

BPM(Business Process Management), what is a managerial model which provide the company a method to integrate all kinds of business process. The main idea of BPM is to rearrange the different IT system belonging to different departments. Then, according to the business process, it can rebulid these services to achive the business targets. Company efficacy and the application of IT level will be highly increased by BPM system, and the isolated information will be erased.

The short of present IT system lies in unclear demands and low efficacy. Under this situation, the business processes are fixed in the system. So companies cannot change the business processes immedaitely to fit for the changable environment. While, companies have to keep up with the pace of the quick changable business environment, or they will lose the compeition and the market share. Efficient companies will adopt the lastest informations quickly to erase the delay caused by the key bueiness process management and excution. The appearance of BPM is just for handling the qucik changes which bring risks to companies. It also solves the problems caused by on-time result evaluation and resource integration and optimization. Though BPM,the business process can be aoutmatively adjusted. what's more, by using process analysis and supervision, the result will be optimized whatever in business, organization and IT. The result will be more obvious according to the usage of BPM analysis and optimization by managers.

A complete BPM system is composed by graphic process designing, process mangement and supervision, BPM engine, user interface and the basic EAI platform which can integtare all sorts of resources. General speaking, BPM is founded by SOA framwork. By combined with other application systems, BPM can build and apply system-crossed BPM process. It also can combine independent business sevice to a new sevice, modularly manage the key sections and recirculate.

SOA Introduction

SOA(Service Oriented Architecture)is a set of software system structure model which is used in organizing and using distribution application. The key idea of SOA is service. And the service interface and descriptive service both are based on a stanard regulation. Corporative applications will never be limited by a certain programming language or a basic technology, the relationship between the services is loosely-coupled. The realizable services will not change the way we visit and code. What's more, the user also can update the services without rewriting the whole application. This is make the companies easily face the changable business and the challenge of developing technology. SOA provids a qucik developing method which brings companies more flexible business process.

Nowdays, SOA bacomes on of the most important theme in software industry.With the expanding of web services and the booming of SOA company solutions, it becomes the first choice of the destributed application when a company set up a system. BMP and SOA are well combined in many fatcors, they support each other.

BPM and SOA are in-born unity. BPM paltformis an important step for a company to develop and perfect the IT structure. It embodys the demands that the company keeps on self-increasing for the IT level. SOA can merge the demands and technology, then develop and perfect the system step by step.