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GBICC provides high quality ,dependable consulting and integration service in the field of BI applications to banking, stock, telecommunication, insurance, investment, tax, manufacturing, logistics, retail, government branches and other sectors. These services aim to help enterprise improve market expansion, sales, risk management and customer relationship management.

GBICC Testing Standard

  1. Coding standard (C/C++/C#、Java)
  2. Unit testing standard
  3. Testing standard
  4. System function testing standard
  5. System performance testing standard
  6. Interface standard
  7. Documental standard

During the testing, our fault tracing system is open. You can check the fault number, trade and reparing at anytime. It is confirmed not only the correction of system funcitons, but also the system security, relibility and performance. We will use the testing tools to find out your system bottle neck, optimum load and the usage of your services. We also provide you system capatibility testing, user friendly testing, intensity and capacity tesing, that will make system perfect at every section.

Advantage of GBICC

GBICC has devoted itself to develop the financial software for a long time, and after many years hard working, we own a huge of experience about data analysis and data mining. Now, we have won couples of testing projects in banks and securities, and got a lot of software tesing experience. GBICC has build up a first-class testing team, and supply a experiential analyst for each project. At the same time, GBICC shake hands with HP, get the most developed testing tool to set up a series of testing standard and satisfy the customs at all directions.