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Fierce competitions exist in both domestic and international markets. More and more executive managements realize that only through efficient information utilization, companies can then achieve maximum profits. As more and more information technologies are applied in different industries, companies nowadays have stored massive amount of valuable data, such as product, customer, accounting, marketing, inventory, and sales data. However, all these data often are located in various different operation systems; they have very different definitions and data structures. How to transfer these data into useable decision making supportive information is a key topic every enterprise is facing right now.

In IT industry, the Business Intelligence technology, or BI, is the golden key to solve the above mentioned problem. BI technology uses data warehouse to construct a base for storing aggregated data, which can be used in supporting traditional query and reporting functions, more advanced multidimensional data analysis and very complex data mining techniques. Many researches show that having business intelligence applications in an enterprise is one key part in keeping the competitive advantages in nowadays market environment.

● Large-scale Project Management Experience

GBICC has successfully completed more than twenty business intelligence consulting and system integration projects for large corporations. Domestically, the CITIC Bank Data Warehouse Phase I was the first data warehouse implementation case in China banking industry. Moreover, Communications Bank of China , Beijing mobiles, Siemens and Tianjing Telecom are all among our clients. Wells Fargo (USA), Communications Bank of China and CITIC bank are our references.