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GBICC provides high quality ,dependable consulting and integration service in the field of BI applications to banking, stock, telecommunication, insurance, investment, tax, manufacturing, logistics, retail, government branches and other sectors. These services aim to help enterprise improve market expansion, sales, risk management and customer relationship management.

   Data Mining

Exploded Data and Lacking Knowledge

Whatever in business, coporation, R&D institution, government, it is gathering huge of datas which exist in different memory storage. While facing to these datas, we cannot comprehend the valuable information in them. What's more, with the quick development of internet and the wide usage of database, there are many issues accompanying conveniece the information brought us exist in: firstly,we cannot digest such a huge information; Secondly, the information cannot be clearly recognised; Thirdly, the security of data is not confirmed; Forthly, the data forms are not uniformed, so it's too difficult to handle it. The increasing data just like a boundless ocean, sucking people into an embarrassing situation with exploded data but no knowledge.

It is hoped to be a higher analytic level, that we can discover and utilize the hiding important informations. While, the existent database systems can realize efficient data inputting, searching and statistics, but they cannot find out the relationship between data and predict the trend of future. So, a new technology and automatic tool which can tranform such huge data to useful information and knowledge is eagerly demanded. It is considered how to discover the useful knowledge without sinking and increase the information usage rate. Facing to such challenge, data mining is coming and showing the powerful life.

What is data mining?

   Data Mining ,(DM )is a new analytic technology booming up at the end of 20th century. It is a process abstracted huge hiding, unkonwn and potential datas people interested in.

Data mining is a widly spreaded intersectional science, including mechine leaning, statistic, AI, networking, database, model discerning, fuzzy mathematics and so on.

Application of Data Mining

   Using data mining technology can help us finding out "gold" into huge datas.

Data mining exhibits possitive effects in many fields, especially in banking, insurance, telecom, securities, taxation, logistics, transportation, website, retail (e.g. supermarket) and so on. Such technology can settle many typical issues. Data mining can settle such business issues as following: data saling, grouping customers, background analysis, intersectional sale, customers flowing, credit evaluation, cheating discerning, risk alarming and so on. For instance:

- Data mining in banking

- Data mining in telecom

- Data mining in securities

- Data mining in retail

There are opportunities in your data

   Opportunities are in your data. Today, many corporations consider data as treasures and use data mining to find out the hiding related information to get high return. In the developed countries and areas, many corporations are building their competitive advantages and expanding their turnover by adopting data mining technology to process the business data based on the original information system.

According to the IDC research about 62 companies adopting data mining in Europe and North America, the average return rate of these companies were reached 401%, and 25% of them were even reached 600%. The result of the research also exposes that if a company wants success in a complex situation, it must be supported by detail facts and data that the high level can contrlo such complex business structure, or it will be failed.

Walking out the misleading of data mining

   Someone confuses about data mining and data warehouse, in fact, they complement each other. Data warehouse is used to storge data, not exchange the data to information which data mining is used to.

Someone looks data mining as decision maker, this is another misunderstanding. Data mining can find out the model in data, but it cannot make decisions which depend on peason. Data mining accumulates knowledge and experance by analyzing huge datas, arms itself by better information, makes the decision better and gets the best results.

GBICC will utilize the best data mining software to help you deal with the technologic detail, focus you on decision making and acquire the valuable information from huge data.