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Fierce competitions exist in both domestic and international markets. More and more executive managements realize that only through efficient information utilization, companies can then achieve maximum profits. As more and more information technologies are applied in different industries, companies nowadays have stored massive amount of valuable data, such as product, customer, accounting, marketing, inventory, and sales data. However, all these data often are located in various different operation systems; they have very different definitions and data structures. How to transfer these data into useable decision making supportive information is a key topic every enterprise is facing right now.

In IT industry, the Business Intelligence technology, or BI, is the golden key to solve the above mentioned problem. BI technology uses data warehouse to construct a base for storing aggregated data, which can be used in supporting traditional query and reporting functions, more advanced multidimensional data analysis and very complex data mining techniques. Many researches show that having business intelligence applications in an enterprise is one key part in keeping the competitive advantages in nowadays market environment.

Excellent Communication Skills Towards Different Clients

Success of our numerous projects is all based on our thorough communication with our clients. In different phases of projects, we apply different communication methods on business and technical users. Our team members come from many globally well-known companies, such as IBM, HP, NTT, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , and China Construction Bank; at the same time, GBICC has the support of a powerful panel of consultants. The members of this panel are executives and senior management members from top companies in the US . They will share with us and our clients their experience in management, business and technology, as well as their deep understanding of Chinese culture and market characteristics.

● Data Warehouse: Extract, Integrate, Distribute and Store Valuable Information

Valuable information of an enterprise is usually scattered among different departments and branches. It is crucial for managements to rapidly locate recent or historical data which can reflects business conditions to form a holistic view of the current operations. Therefore, it is necessary to centralize and integrate data from various sources to support decision making processes. In other words, a data warehouse is not just a data storage warehouse, the more important aspect of a data warehouse is that it provides various tools to cleanse and transfer data from multiple sources, and to organize them so that these data can be used easily.