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CEO Introduction   Liu Shiping

Senior industry large data business intelligence recognized (data warehouse, data mining), the top experts in risk management and XBRL, with 20 years of business intelligence field of international development and management experience, as hundreds of global Large Firm served as consulting and development work.

The current chairman and chief executive, Gibek GBICC, director of University Professor, doctoral tutor, the Chinese Academy of Sciences University Financial Technology Research Center, the Department of "thousands of people plan" into the candidate, Chinese torch mentors, member, advisory committee of experts Chinese Technology Entrepreneurs Association of Zhejiang Tailong bank external supervisor, member, committee member of National Development Bank informatization, informatization Committee Chinese listing Corporation Association, vice chairman of the Committee Chinese accounting information, XBRL China Executive Committee people.com.cn independent directors of independent directors, the industrial bank.

Personal glory:
- In 2014 was elected member of the Committee of independent directors China Association of listing Corporation
- In 2014 she became the Industrial Bank of independent directors
- In 2013 won the "Zhongguancun pioneers" title
- In 2013 was elected member of the information technology committee Chinese Association of listing Corporation
- In 2013 fifth session of Chengdu City Science and Technology Advisory Group
- In 2012 was elected Beijing overseas Chinese Technology Entrepreneurs Association first session of director
- In 2012 she became the Beijing City Association of Haidian District intellectuals
- In 2012 he was elected to the Haidian high level talents to promote the development of the first session of the Council of
- In 2012 won the "sixth Shanghai wizard cup technology entrepreneur innovation award"
- In 2012 Zhejiang Sanmen Bay marine economic development core business mentor
- In 2011 won the "Guangzhou science and Technology Development Zone of leading talents" title
- In 2011 as "Chinese informatization hundreds of academic leaders"
- In 2011 the Zhongguancun International Incubator Park business mentor
- In 2011, the people's Government of Shandong city science and Technology Department of Linyi Province, special adviser
- In 2010 of China enterprise innovation excellence
- In 2010, nominated the first "Beijing overseas high level talents" title, was hired as a "Beijing distinguished experts"
- In 2009 was awarded the Chinese securities supervision and Management Committee of the "science and Technology Award for the securities and Futures Industry Award two"
- In 2009 elected to the success of the national "one thousand people plan", was hired as a "national expert"
- In 2009 the national SFDA Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute technical adviser
- In 2009 graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor, doctoral tutor
- In 2008 he served as a member of accounting informatization Committee
- In 2007 China torch Entrepreneurship
- In 2006 the Ministry of education to host the second session of the "Chunhui Cup" Business Excellence Award
- In 2005 won the "person of the year Chinese financial IT"
- In 2004 Institute of financial science and technology center chief scientist and deputy director
- In 2001 won the IBM Award for innovation
- In 1999 the company received IBM invention achievement award, Star Award and outstanding consulting Award
- In 1998 won the IBM Award
- In 1995 won the American Southern Journal of agricultural economics. The best paper award for outstanding contribution to the society and

Academic monograph

- "Extensible Business Reporting Language Innovation and application of [XBRL] in capital market"
- "When the river dried up"
- "The data mining technology and its application" in 2009 higher education publishing house, and was elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences textbooks
- "XBRL practical case analysis" 2010 Economic Science Press

The actual performance

- Former American according to researcher, Centre for agricultural and rural development at A Hua State University IBM Company Service Department of the global financial industry data mining consulting group leader and the chief adviser, Bi Ji Fung Asia Information Technology Co., Ltd. executive vice president and President of Department of career of business intelligence.
-In the United States for seventeen years, successively in economics, risk management, environmental science, applied statistics and civil engineering and has published more than 30 academic papers and read.
- Many times as the experts were invited from home and abroad for business executives and chief executive on the business intelligence technology and application.
- Published in two academic monographs in the frontier research field, and published works more than 40 articles in the dozens of well-known media, by the authority and professional media interviews and reports, including: CCTV, Beijing TV station and major financial, IT professional media.


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