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Global Business Intelligence Consulting Co. – GBICC is founded in April, 2002. The founder of GBICC and CEO, Dr. Shiping Liu, is an expert in the field of data mining and business intelligence. He provided consulting and implementation services in the areas of business intelligence, analytical CRM, risk management, and database marketing to over 30 well-known companies in banking, insurance, stock brokerage, communications, manufacturing and other industries in North America, Europe and Asia. In the courses of these projects, he earned the recognition and respect from his clients and peers.

GBICC's main business areas are business intelligence (data warehouse, data mining), IT infrastructure and system software development. In China, GBICC has become the principle strategic partner of Microsoft China in the field of business intelligence. GBICC provides its clients with end-to-end comprehensive services from business analysis to system implementation, and effectively ensures the customers with first-rate system return on investment.

By sharing our exceptional experience with our clients, GBICC hopes to help them setup scientific and practical BI systems rapidly and use BI with ease, in order to best ensure the success in their own competitive edge. Clients are able to speed-up their decision-making process, and increase competitive advantage and vitality by going through the “Data – Information – Knowledge – Business Intelligence – Profitability” chain, and retain their winning positions in an increasingly international market in the information age.

Based on our abundant practical experiences, GBICC has developed products and solutions such as OLAP Explorer, Bank Retail Loan System, Enterprise Finance Risk Analysis System, and Credit Card Risk Monitoring System. In addition, it has successfully implemented these products in financial, telecommunication, tax, manufacturing, government, networking and other sectors in China, and received 100% customer satisfaction.

GBICC's mission is to create extraordinary value for society, our clients and employees. In two years, following the motto “ Customer being the top priority, first rate service, advanced technology, exceptional quality ” GBICC has successfully completed many first-grade consulting, data warehouse and data mining projects, clients include Communication Bank of China Shanghai Branch, CITIC Bank, Shanghai Stock Exchange, China Securities Registration and Clearing Company Shenzhen Branch, Beijing mobiles, SINA, Hebei Local Taxation Bureau, Siemens (China), Roche Diagnostic Ltd. (USA), and received 100% customer satisfaction.

Presently, GBICC has formed strategic partnership with many well-known domestic and international enterprises. With the coordination of our partners and team, GBICC has become the leader in data warehouse, data mining, analytical CRM, and risk management technology areas in China.