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Global Business Intelligence Consulting Ltd. Co. (GBICC) provides high quality dependable consulting and integration services in the filed of business intelligence applications to banking, telecommunication, stock, insurance, manufacturing, insurance, retail and government branches. Our solutions aim to help enterprises to improve their customer service quality, market share and sales and risk management abilities.


Our business intelligence applications in banking are at the leading position in the country. We have a set of well-developed and well-tested business intelligence solution based on advanced data warehouse, OLAP, data mining technologies. Combining with customer relationship management (CRM) and e-business experiences, our banking business intelligence solution helps to improve our banking clients' management and decision making skills scientifically, as well as to increase their business profits and to gain competitive advantages.

Data Mining Applications in Banking:

  • To discover potential customer, financial interests of clients and/or organizations, and financial market trends, banks must collect massive amount of data and perform data processing, data analysis and data modeling.

  • Profits and risks are always coexisting in banking industry. To ensure gaining of maximum revenue and bearing of minimum risk, banks must perform scientific analysis, classification and credit worthiness evaluation, in order to prevent fraudulent activities and financial risks.