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Global Business Intelligence Consulting Ltd. Co. (GBICC) provides high quality dependable consulting and integration services in the filed of business intelligence applications to banking, telecommunication, stock, insurance, manufacturing, insurance, retail and government branches. Our solutions aim to help enterprises to improve their customer service quality, market share and sales and risk management abilities.


Data Mining Applications in Securities Industry:

  • Classification of Customer Requirements and Profitability. To find most valuable and profitable potential customer groups, as well as their most desirable services, in order to distribute resources more efficiently, to improve service quality and to retain valuable customers. By carefully mining customer resources, company can understand various customer index, such as asset contribution, loyalty, holding ratio), capture customer complaint and attrition information.

  • Consulting Service: Based on market status and transaction data, predict the trend of the main board; find out the pattern of transactions affected by the change of main board; perform trend analysis and use analysis result in customer consulting services.

  • Risk Prevention: through the analysis of capital information to control operation risks; through prompt comparison of capital status horizontally, preemptively prevent risks.

  • Business State Analysis. Use data mining technology to learn key information such as the business state, capital, profit and customer group distribution, combining the trend of the main board to generate the most profitable operation scheme under different market condition. At the same time, by comparing business operation states of various departments horizontally and/or with historical values, analyze operation statues and provide scientific bases for decision making.